DVD out now with a complete documentation of urban design projects, analysis, and excursion.

Jula-Kim Sieber at PAR >planning and building in Extra-European regions< – TU Darmstadt, Germany, is trying to sensitize the students to an integral urban design in foreign cultures. The fact of designing in a foreign, not so familiar culture helps abstracting the design process and provokes the students to follow their own designing believes. They have to adapt to new rules – may they be based on geography, culture, climate, materials,  …

Abstraction and common sense lead to an explicate attitude to be discussed with the locals in order to avoid an urban designing mainly based on traditional prejudices.

In the winter term 08/09 we focused on the old city of Damascus, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1979. Since the 90s investments have led to a Walt Disney for tourists. The students now had to propose an urban design which prevents the old city from becoming a dead museum and makes it a vivid district of the city. In terms of urbanism they had to combine housing with the actual artistic and cultural movement in Damascus. Inspired by Shadi Ghadirian series ‚like every day we named it ‚a new brand for the old town‘.

You can download the practice sheet of the design projects in German as a PDF.

icon for podpress  Entwurfsaufgabe (7 pages): Download

To get to know the foreign culture the students tried different approaches shown in three catalogues.

five elements Some >spontaneous< definitions of the elements water, air, green, light, and material.

analysis_www.jpg Some >profound< approaches into the Syrian history, Damascene culture, and urban structure.

expressions Some >intuitive< reactions to Damascus aiming to connect the old and the new.

On the sidebar you can choose directly what might interest you. But I think the best is to start with the videos (the final presentation)!

The students had to choose one of the three areas: dam_entwurfsaufgabe.jpg You can follow the students’ design process of each of the areas by visiting the categories: £ ™ and • ♥ λ. ‘why high way’ was not selected. Or you might prefer to follow the process of one group or a single student by clicking on his shorthand logogram. This will include its personal work on the catalogue.
group A consists of Leonie Stützle as les – Anna Damm as and – Andreas Brück as anb – Alessa Meier as alm – Julio Obregon Zepeda as juo
group B consists of Hannah Winkelmann as haw – Isabell Schreiter as iss – Bettina Dobschal as bed – Nelly Castillo Aviles as nec
group C consists of Nicola Bongs as nib – Miriam Ballestores Sels as mib
group D consists of Naghmeh Malek as nam – Mohammad Aladin Koujan mak – Maria Emanuel Castro da Silva as mas – Enaam Jarnis as enj
group E consists of Julia Wiengarten asjuw – Leonie Plänkers as lep – Catherina Schuster as cas – Humberto Sarabia as hus
and F who split up and decided to propose two variants:
group F1 consists of Julian della Morte as jdm – Markus Schütz as mcs
group F2 consists of Tamar Makharadze tam – Aritz Garcia de Cortazar Arriola as arg

I think Ray and Charles Eames’ sentence “we take fun seriously” was cited so often. But I do it, too, since it fits so well with the course.

Thank you for participating,
Jula-Kim Sieber.

research > www.blog.ar2com.de
architecture studio > www.architektur.ar2com.de
summer academy > www.PoolPlay.eu

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